home care services

Our Services

Our services are driven by your needs and aspirations, so we listen to you. We do not believe in one size fits all. We believe that everyone is different and that’s why we do not offer a ready-made package solution but help that is tailored to your needs and will adapt as your needs change. Our care packages are designed to fit around your life; they are tailored, flexible and adaptable to suit your personal lifestyle, avoiding the need to go to a care home.

Initial Consultation

Our trained Carers and Support Workers will visit you at your home for an initial consultation. This helps us create a care plan that takes consideration of your background, daily routine, lifestyle, preferences, wishes and needs. We also believe that the involvement of your family, friends and or representatives in the care plan is important. Where this is required, we will give them an opportunity to discuss with us.

Our Staff

Our Carers and Support Workers are carefully selected, they have the right expertise and a real heart for caring. All our staff undergo extensive background checks and are given high-quality training to give them the confidence, knowledge, and skills to provide the highest standard of care. We choose people for their enthusiasm, friendliness, warmth, and empathy as well as their range of interests above their professional background.

Whatever care and support you require, a few hours, overnight care, 24 hrs or live-in care, the choice is yours. Whether you are looking for help getting dressed and showered, mobility support, dementia care, incontinence support, palliative care, learning disability care, autism care, help around the house, preparing meals and drinks, shopping, attending social activities, attending medical appointments, medication assistance, collecting prescriptions, companionship, getting settled in the evening and getting ready for bed, and many more, Brook of Life Care trained Carers and Support workers are perfectly matched to you and are happy to help!!!